How to Re-Use ILLUME Products

Did you know our candle vessels can be turned into decorative accessories, beautiful planters or trinket holders? Dylan ceramics and Cameo glass jars are popular favorites to re-use thanks to the trendy geometric design of the former and the playful patterns of the latter. Before re-use, the vessels must be cleaned. There are multiple methods to clean the vessel from excess wax and we recommended that you find the safest method that is best for the type of material the ILLUME candle vessel is made from.


For empty ILLUME diffusers, the fragrance oil vessels can be turned into a vase for a single stem flower or a petite bundle of flowers. To clean excess fragrance oil from the diffuser vessel, rinse the interior with a small drop of gentle liquid dish-washing soap. Air dry or dry the vessel with a clean paper towel before re-use.