How Fragrances are Made

Fragrance is the heart of ILLUME and it starts with product development. Our in-house designers and experts look to fragrance trends and inspirations around the world as a guide.

How to Re-Use ILLUME Products

Did you know our candle vessels can be turned into decorative accessories, beautiful planters or trinket holders? Dylan ceramics and Cameo glass jars are popular favorites to re-use thanks to the trendy geometric design of the former and the playful patterns of the latter. Before re-use, the vessels must be cleaned.

Candle Care 101

Did you know a candle "remembers" how much wax was melted and pooled the first time it was lit? That's why the best way to care for an ILLUME candle is to allow it enough time to melt and pool to the edges of its container during its initial use.