Sweet Hibiscus Vanity Tin Candle
Fragrance Description:

Spiced hibiscus, Latin rose and heady sugarcane are swirled with a hint of amber rum.


Vanity Tin

$20.00/EA $13.00/EA
Fragrance: Sweet Hibiscus
Blackberry Absinthe
Citrus Crush
Coconut Milk Mango
Grapefruit Oleander
Oud Wood
Pineapple Cilantro
Santal Fig
Sweet Hibiscus
Thai Lily
Tonka Noir

If our essential tin isn't already one of your favorites, it soon will be. Lift the cover to reveal a hidden, complementary pattern.

Burn Time: 50 Hours
Fill Weight: 11.8 oz/335 g
SKU: #45263338000
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