Scented Candles, Diffusers, Room Spray, Lotion

  • Aromatic Aromatic

    Mornings are lively at the farmer’s market. The aromas of a chef’s pick of the freshest sage, rosemary and lemongrass blend perfectly with lemon, avocado and mint.

  • Citrus Citrus

    Imagine an exotic fruit stand brimming with bright oranges, ripe mango and grapefruit fresh from the grove.

  • Cult Favorites Cult Favorites

    Our top-selling, can't-live-without it fragrances with a loyal cult following.

  • Date Night Date Night

    Turn the lights down low and ignite the night with your favorite date. Be seduced with heart notes of woods, musks and amber.

  • Floral Floral

    Take a romantic stroll through a botanical garden in full spring bloom. Dewy and lush scents of orange blossom marry with gardenia, rose and lilies.

  • Fresh + Clean Fresh + Clean

    Fresh washed cotton, just peeled citrus, and the sounds of water falling.These soft scents are evocative of life's simplest pleasures, for any season or space.

  • Fruity Fruity

    Inspired by summers at the farmer's market and autumns at the orchard.

  • Watery Watery

    Escape to the Riviera Maya, where the sun, the sea and the smell of fresh flowers and fruit provide the ideal paradise.

  • Wood Wood

    It’s daybreak in Muir woods. The crisp air lifts suede, vanilla and mossy notes high into the cedar canopy. In the distance, a wood fire crackles.

  • Yummy Yummy

    Spices are in the air. Vanilla, ginger and pumpkin mix with crisp sea salt and a complex compote of the most simple and savory aromas.